DMIT will reveal following information about your child

DMIT in India

+ Intrinsic potential

-- Multiple Intelligence Distribution

% Dominate and Preferred Learning style

* Learning Communication Character

= Allocation of various abilities

$ Psychological & Planing Capability

# Learning Sensitivity

? Innate Work - Management style

The "Theory of Multiple Intelligences" was proposed by Prof. Howard Gardner of Harvard University in 1983 in his path- breaking book "Frames of Mind"

  • To Redefine the Concept of Intelligence
  • Address the Question Whether Methods Which Claim to Measure Intelligence are Truly Scientific

Prof. Howard Gardner

Awarded 26 honorary Degree

Chosen amongst ' 100 Most Influential Thinkers in the World'

After years of extensive research, he defined 8 types of intelligences. Till than a common , yet fault method of checking the intelligence level of a child was an IQ test. It uses only language, maths and logic as a base to find the IQ level. It completely overlooks talents in areas like sports, music, art, communication etc.

Learning Sensitivity

Learning Sensitivity reflects the degree and speed of coordination between the nervous-muscular system, reflecting one's confidence capability and efficiency. In simple terms, how fast one carry out the thoughts into actions.